About PlantArk

Our Mission

We are all well aware of the current environmental crisis. Global warming, land clearing, loss of habitat, soil degradation and the list goes on and on….. Most of us are just talking and complaining about the problem.

PlantArk wants to be part of the solution! Our mission is to partner with the Australian based organisations who are directly involved in planting trees and habitat restoration in Australia. By building a like-minded community of people who love plants, PlantArk will be able to donate a portion of its profit to some of these organisations.

We all have to start somewhere, this is only the beginning. Watch this space closely because we are doing it

If it grows, you’ll probably find it on PlantArk

PlantArk is a dedicated marketplace for buying or selling plants and seeds online. While growers of popular and common species can sell their plants using our platform, we especially love connecting the people who grow rare or hard-to-find plants and seeds with the people who want to buy them.

Now, independent wholesalers, retail nurseries, micro growers, hobbyists and backyard horticulturalists can easily list seasonal and speciality plants for sale (as well as all their regular stocks). Then sell to people like trade landscapers, greenkeepers, horticulturalists, and home gardeners who want an easy way to find a specific plant or seed they are looking for. All in one place.

PlantArk initially launched in Sydney, Australia, but aims to offer the world’s largest selection of flora - especially the rare and hard-to-find stuff. We are connecting people with the plants and seeds they love.

For Sellers

PlantArk is the best place on the internet to sell your plants and seeds online. It’s easy to get started with a free account and you can start selling right away. PlantArk is ..

  • a robust and sophisticated selling tool
  • very easy to use
  • perfect for growers with rare or seasonal plants and seeds

Not only will you have access to an international community of plant and seed buyers, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a dedicated online store for all your stocks, or supplement your existing plant website. PlantArk allows you to …

  • list your plants in multiple categories and highlight features (scientific name, foliage, height …)
  • let your buyers know exactly what you have in stock
  • easily list seasonal and speciality plants for sale
  • notify interested buyers as plants mature and become available for sale

Best of all, PlantArk is a safe and secure selling platform and you’ll have instant access to your funds once the buyer pays. Sound good? Click register to get started now.

For Buyers

PlantArk is for everyone who loves plants. Professional landscapers, greenkeepers, horticulturalists, and home gardeners can all find what they need here. Apart from being able to access the world’s finest growers and sellers of plants online, PlantArk is a sophisticated (but super easy-to-use) search engine.

If you know the scientific name of the plant you need, great! Just type it in the search tool and you’ll have a comparative listing in seconds. Alternatively, if you know you need a red flowering deciduous tree, try searching by features — you can even include maturity height, aspect, water usage, and climate tolerance. Easy.

There’s so many ways to find what you need, and it’s really easy to get started. You don’t need an account to search what you are looking for, but you’ll need to join-up to buy plants from our selling community. You’ll get to know your favourite sellers, and you can give them feedback based on how well they served you and the quality of the plants you bought. PlantArk provides safe and secure buying from a community of trusted growers. Sound great? Click here to search for your favourite plant now.

Why PlantArk?

PlantArk is the creative vision of Marek Haupt, a professional garden designer and landscaper of Sydney, Australia. Frustrated with the laborious process of sourcing speciality plants from mainstream nurseries, wholesale brokers and classified ads, Marek wanted to bring together plant growers and enthusiasts from around the world. His vision is to connect people with the plants and seeds they love — all in one place.